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We operate payroll on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis providing comprehensive reports tailored to your needs. We understand and recognise that not all businesses have the same requirements. This is why we offer to meet with you, to discuss and agree upon a clear and effective way of processing your payroll.


Payroll MeetingWeekly Payroll

Assuming pay day is Friday:

Monthly Payroll

The monthly processing routine is essentially the same as the weekly. Clients simply inform us of their employees pay dates and we process accordingly. Monthly payroll data requires to be processed issued to Direct Payroll 3 days prior to payment date.


A key benefit for small/medium businesses using our payroll service is knowing that their employees are paid in accordance with current government legislation. We  guarantee that all payroll processing is fully compliant - incorporating changes such as updates from the Budget, Maternity Pay and Statutory Sick Pay etc.

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